Story Time Phonics

Story Time Phonics is an inclusive synthetic, whole-class phonics reading and writing programme based on Phases 1-5 of Letters and Sounds, for all children learning to read and write in Reception and Year 1. It can also be used as an intervention programme for older children who have learning difficulties.

The lessons are all contextualised through the use of a ‘real’ book. To teach the sounds, every day the Phonics Fairy leaves the children a real story book written by some of the best- loved authors, with a truly memorable Magical Moment Film of the story being read by the Phonic Fairy herself.

To accompany each of the storybooks there are ‘Talking Bookmarks’ comprehension questions to assist teachers to deliver quality talk sessions to help develop a rich and deeper understanding of the stories. At the end of each film, the Phonic Fairy demonstrates good letter formation for each grapheme and makes a list of words for the children to read.

A multi-sensory journey

Story Time Phonics enables us to engage all of the children, regardless of ability, on a multi-sensory journey where learning phonics has a real purpose.

Each sound has an action linked to the story, so the children remember and relate the sound directly to the book.

Phase 2

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Phase 3

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Phase 5

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