Year 2 – Holly Class

Remote Learning

Remote Learning Instructions

On this page you will find a daily update (also emailed to you), a weekly plan and links to the resources you will need to support you and your child with their remote education. All resources have been sent to you by email and Class Dojo.

Link to the overview for this week

Useful links to help your child learn at home:

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3

Daily email communication

Dear Parents/Carers of Holly Class

Please see below the remote learning support for Monday 18th January. As you will see the day is split into live teaching via Zoom and independent tasks. Please click the Zoom link at the specified times to take part in the live teaching. Attached to this email are any supporting resources your child might like to use

Area of Learning

How this will be taught

Tasks you can complete

English and complimenting

This is a 30 min zoom session. Live Teaching via Zoom at 9:10

Followed by independent learning tasks for English.


In the independent task the children will writing questions about topics they want to know more about. We will be answering these in the further lessons.


LO: Identify questions to answer.


Sc: Use capital letters and finger spaces.

: Use question marks.

: Ask verbal questions.


Guided Teaching via White Rose Video. Work sheets are attached to the email and will be in your resource packs when you get them for 3 weeks.

Please use the video for the lesson. Independent tasks form part of the teaching video just press pause.

Please complete the maths worksheet. These are in your packs, if you have not got these already, please feel free to print the sheet or just write the answers down on paper.

LO: Identify the 10 timetable.


Maths extension –  for the week are attached to the email and on class dojo.


This is not on zoom and is good practise for your children. Please watch the video and the have the children write these words out to practise your handwriting:







If your child has clear letter formation and can write on the line use this link:

If they are still developing confidence to write on the line and form letters please use this link:

Phonics and reading

Live Teaching via Zoom at 11:15 for 40 mins..

Reading –

LO:  Predict the upcoming events in the story.

Children will just need their lovely voices.

Phonics –

LO: Use suffix ending ‘ed’ and ‘ing’.

Children will need some paper and pencils.

There is a worksheet which can be printed.


Topic – RE

Live Teaching via Zoom at 1:30 for 30 mins..

LO: Understand what is most important to Christians.


Children will need paper and a pencil.


Read Aloud Story via Book Trust.

Timetables – please practice your 2 and 3 timetables. Sheet in your resource pack to support.

Please listen to the book online.


In the resource pack there is timetable booklets and a support sheet with all the times tables on.

To support your child with accessing the remote learning, the school are able to provide families with Chromebooks and access to the internet. If you need any technical support please call the school or email Miss Bedford.

The homophone snap game is attached if you wish to print it to practise your homophones.

Kind regards
Miss Baker