Year 3 – Redwood Class

Remote Learning

Remote Learning Instructions

On this page you will find a daily update (also emailed to you), a weekly plan and links to the resources you will need to support you and your child with their remote education. All resources have been sent by email and Class Dojo.

Link to the overview for this week

Useful links to help your child learn at home:

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Daily email communication

Dear Parents/Carers of Redwood Class

Please see below the remote learning support for Friday 15th January. As you will see the day is split into live teaching via Zoom and independent tasks. Please click the Zoom link at the specified times to take part in the live teaching. Attached to this email are any supporting resources your child might like to use.

Area of Learning 

How this will be taught 

Tasks you can complete 



Your child is invited to take part in our live teaching of this session. Please follow the below Zoom link to join us at 9.00.

Meeting ID: 760 3477 7727

Passcode: p4232D

This session is expected to last around 30 minutes. Your child can then do the independent tasks.

L.O. Use inverted commas for direct speech. 


You can watch this video to remind you the rules for using inverted commas.

Task: Use your speech bubbles from yesterday’s lesson to turn your sentences into direct speech using speech marks (inverted commas). Remember not to use the verb ‘said’ all the time.

‘’Mum I think there is a monster in the wardrobe!’’ exclaimed Orion.

‘’Orion I think you have a big imagination,’’ replied his mum.

Supporting sheet – other verbs for said.

Extension: Spot the missing speech marks sheet.


Your child is invited to watch the guided teaching via White Rose

This session is expected to last around 20 minutes.

Independent tasks form part of the teaching video just press pause.

Your child can then work on the challenges on the Maths worksheet.

L.O. Multiply 2 digits by 1. 


Resource– Multiply 2 digits by 1.

Solve as many questions as you can from the Maths worksheet.


Your child can listen again to the first chapter of ‘The owl who was afraid of the dark’. Listen up to 7:03.

LO. Describe the characters of a story.

The owl who was afraid of the dark

Resource- Reading meet the characters. Write some sentences describing Plop, Mr and Mrs Barn. Use the words from the word bank to help you.
You can then draw them. You can share your descriptions and drawings next week.


Your child is invited to take part in our live teaching of this session. Please follow the below Zoom link to join us at 1.30.

Meeting ID: 760 3477 7727

Passcode: p4232D

LO. Explore who I am. 

What makes up our identity and that of other people?

What does ‘identity’ mean? It is the fact of being who a person is and the characteristics that determine this.

Resource –mixing pot.
Fill the picture of the empty mixing pot with words and pictures to describe ‘me.’ You can draw your own cauldron if you do not have the sheet.

You could draw or write short sentences about:




-favourite TV programmes or computer games/films/music


If you have your home learning pack you can look at the Year 3,4 statutory spelling list and practise the words: February, forward, forwards, fruit, grammar from the 3rd column. You can revise yesterday’s words too (eighth, experience, extreme).

LO. Practise the Year 3,4 statutory spellings.
Practise the spellings of the following words:
February forward forwards fruit grammar

Resource- Year 3,4 spellings

Follow the strategy

Look, say and write

Cover and write

Check and write again to practise your spellings and then fill in the missing words.


To support your child with accessing the remote learning, the school are able to provide families with Chromebooks and access to the internet. If you need any technical support please call the school or email Miss Bedford


Kind regards

Miss Amoiridou