Year 4 – Chestnut Class

Remote Learning

Remote Learning Instructions

On this page you will find a daily update (also emailed to you), a weekly plan and links to the resources you will need to support you and your child with their remote education. Resources have been sent to you by email and Class Dojo.

Link to the overview for this week

Useful links to help your child learn at home:

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3

Daily email communication

Dear Parents/Carers of Chestnut Class,
Thank you for supporting your children’s remote learning and sharing their work with us. We hope you are looking forward to the return to school as much as we are!
Please see the timetable below for the last day of remote learning support for tomorrow 5th March. Please note that our first live lesson will take place at 9:10 am, followed by another live lesson at 11:30 am. Please note that there will be no live lessons taking place in the afternoon. This is to prepare for the reopening of the school and getting children ready for the return. We hope that the children can spend their afternoon off-screen and enjoying some of the independent home learning challenges. Why not check out the World Book Day events such as the whole-school book cover competition or the 500-word story writing competition? Please refer to the parent update letters for more information on this.

In this email, you will find the supporting resources your child might like to use.

Ms Leung’s Y4 Zoom:

Area of Learning 

How this will be taught 

Tasks you can complete 


9:10 am

Live Zoom Session with Ms Leung

Your child is invited to take part in our live teaching of this session. Please follow the below Zoom link to join us at 9.10am.

Ms Leung’s Zoom Lesson with Y4 Chestnut Class 


Learning Objective:   

To edit and improve our writing 


This session is expected to last around 30 – 40 minutes, follow by an independent home learning activity.


Independent activity:

What adventures have your characters gone through? Can you share with us? Today, your task is to edit and improve your writing, then, you are going to publish your story! You can choose either:

  1. Use MyStoryBook to create a digital version of your story (take a look at Resource 2 to see how the layout of a picture book could be) or
  2. Publish your writing on another piece of paper by designing the layout and adding illustrations on the side (Do you remember how you published the Roman tale of your favourite god/goddess last term?)

How to be successful in this activity?

  1. I can edit and improve my writing by using the checklists provided.
  2. I can double-check my spelling and punctuation carefully.
  3. I can publish my story either in a digital version or a paper version.
  4. I can add my drawings or illustrations next in the story I am going to publish.Supporting Resources:
    Resource 1_English Lesson Slides_20210305
    Resource 2_Marcy and the Riddle of Sphinx


At a convenient time

Supporting Resources

via White Rose


Please use the White Rose video and resources to support with your child’s learning. 



Learning Objective:

To review knowledge taught and use different methods to solve word problems involving fractions 



Independent task:

You are going to review the learning of fractions today. First, go through the questions from Q1 until the end of your worksheet. Then you can check your answers using the answer key provided. How many points have you got? Which questions do you find tricky? Make a note of the questions so you can discuss the tricky ones with Ms Leung when you return to school next week!

How to be successful with the task:

  1. I can review the learning of fractions and practise solving word problems of fractions
  2. I can understand that the denominator represents the total equal parts and the numerator represents the parts of the whole
  3. I can use different methods to solve the problems involving fractions

Supporting Resources:
Resource 3_Maths Worksheet_Fractions
Resource 4_Answer Key_Fractions

Once finished, you can check your answers to the maths worksheet for today using Resource 4: Answer Key –  Fractions


11:30 am

Live Zoom Session with Ms Leung

Your child is invited to take part in our live teaching of this session. Please follow the below Zoom link to join us at 11.30 am.

Ms Leung’s Zoom Lesson with Y4 Chestnut Class 



Learning Objective:

To read the text together to infer characters’ feelings and retrieve information 


This session is expected to last around 30 – 40 minutes. 


Whole-class Reading:

Apart from Egyptian Cinderella, do you know any other twisted tales? We will be reading one of the famous ones today called “Into the Forest”. One night a boy is woken by a terrible storm…then he was asked to go to see his grandma the next morning. He chose the shortest path into the forest, who will he meet on the way? Can you guess which original fairy tale the story is based on?

Supporting Resource:
Resource 5_Reading_Into the Forest

As part of your home learning challenge – getting ready for school, you are also invited to decorate a plate using fruits to make little Red Riding Hood or a wolf. Can you come up with other creative ideas to tell the story?



Enjoy your lunch break J Don’t forget to get some fresh air!
There will be a couple of home learning challenges – getting ready for school for you to try out in the afternoon!


At a convenient time

This will be set as a home learning activity for you to have a screen-free afternoon to get ready for school! Please use the supporting resources to help your work.

Learning Objective:

To understand the key features of the Maundy Thursday and the meaning of washing feet for others 


Independent activity:

What do you already know about Last Supper? Do you remember we have learnt about Jesus washing his disciples’ feet on Maundy Thursday? Why did he do this? What can we learn from Jesus’s example?

Today, you are going to watch a couple of videos about the Last Supper and Maundy Thursday. Then, you can use the activity sheet to write down the things you have learnt and/questions you have in each bubble provided.

Last Supper animation video by BBC Bitesize:

Maundy Thursday video by Church of England:

How to be successful in this activity?

  1. I can understand the key features of the Maundy Thursday.
  2. I can understand why Jesus washed feet for others, e.g. show an example of serving others as yourselfSupporting Resource:
    Resource 6: RE_Activity Sheet_20210305


At a convenient time

Guided Teaching

via Oak Academy

There is a guided teaching video to support your child with this session. Please use the resources to support your child’s learning. 

Learning Objective:

To investigate spelling involving silent letters 


This session is expected to last around 20 minutes 

To support this, please use the following video link from Oak Academy:

How to be successful in this activity?

1. I can investigate spelling involving silent letters

Enjoy the learning and see you tomorrow.
Kind regards,

Ms Leung