Year 6 – Rowan Class

Remote Learning

Remote Learning Instructions

On this page you will find a daily update (also emailed to you), a weekly plan and links to the resources you will need to support you and your child with their remote education.

Link to the overview for this week

Useful links to help your child learn at home:

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Daily email communication

Dear Parents/Carers of Rowan Class
It has been lovely to see the children in our Zoom lessons this week, and to receive their fantastic work on Class Dojo too. I hope that you have a peaceful weekend.

Please see below the remote learning information for Monday, 18th January. As you will see the day is split into live teaching via Zoom and independent tasks. There is also a guided White Rose maths lesson and an Oak Academy spelling lesson. Please click the Zoom link at the specified times to take part in the live teaching. Attached to this email are any supporting resources your child might like to use.

Area of Learning 

How this will be taught 

Tasks you can complete 



Your child is invited to take part in our live teaching of this session. Please follow the below Zoom link to join us at 9.00am. 

This session is expected to last around 20-25 minutes. Your child can then complete the independent tasks.

L.O.: To make language choices to engage the reader  

Following our discussion of the story so far, the children will plan and write a diary entry in the role of Cameron from Pig Heart Boy, his mum, or his dad. Please see Pig Heart Boy by Malorie Blackman – Chapter 6 – Diary Entry Writing PowerPoint presentation. 



Your child can work through a White Rose Maths Lesson (Fractions to decimals 1) at this link:

This session is expected to last up to 20 minutes. Independent tasks form part of the teaching video – just press pause.

You child could start this lesson at 10.30am. 

L.O.: To convert fractions to decimals (1) 

The children will then complete a series of questions on the attached sheet (Fractions to decimals 1).

There are also some additional reasoning and problem solving questions (L.O.: To convert fractions to decimals (1) – Reasoning and Problem Solving). 



Your child is invited to take part in our live teaching of this session. Please follow the below Zoom link to join us at 11.30am. 

L.O.: To make and justify inferences using evidence from the text 

We shall read chapter 7 of Pig Heart Boy and discuss the characters of Mum, Dad and Cam.

Please see Pig Heart Boy by Malorie Blackman – Chapter 7.



The children can access an Oak Academy Spelling  Lesson (To practise and apply knowledge of  suffixes: -ic, including test) through this link:

Your child will need a pencil and paper for this lesson which lasts around 20 minutes. 

L.O.: To practise and apply knowledge of   the suffix ‘-ic’ 

The children will practise spelling adjectives ending ‘-ic’ and will test out their knowledge.


After the spelling lesson, your child can take part in a P.E. lesson on Joe Wick’s YouTube channel (The Body Coach TV): ( Please choose the latest lesson which was streamed live at 9am this morning or otherwise try this lesson from 13.1.21: 

Please also use the 60 Second Challenge  and the P.E. Board Game resources (attached/to follow) if you would like to. 

To support your child with accessing the remote learning, the school are able to provide families with Chromebooks and access to the internet. If you need any technical support please call the school or email Miss Bedford

Many thanks.


Best wishes

Mrs Hoadley