Diagnosed Needs

What’s on this page?

Diagnosed needs are those that are diagnosed by a specialist – either medical or educational

There is often lots of support to help a child with a diagnosis

We list here the places and links where this support can be found

What does this mean to my child?

Professional agencies including Paediatricians, Speech and Language Therapists , Educational Psychologists and Specialist SEND Teachers sometimes assess a child’s needs to establish the nature of their difficulties and the best way to support them. Sometimes assessments will lead to a diagnosis.

A diagnosis may be challenging for parents and children. We strongly believe that any diagnosis should not be seen as a label but a way of understanding what and why a child may find challenging now and in the future, enabling everyone to see how best to help them make progress, ultimately achieving their potential.

The links below offer an overview of potential diagnoses and ways in which you may be able to help your child with difficulties commonly associated with them.

Children with many of these diagnoses, will need support in specific areas and so please also refer to other SEND pages for support.




  • Overview
  • Support strategies
  • Contacts: See the Dyslexia Association