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Fine motor movements are small and with hands and fingers

Gross motor movements use big muscle groups

Some children need help to learn how to control their movements

Motor Control

When we move, we either make small, refined movements using our hands and fingers (fine motor movements) or larger movements using larger muscles in the arm and legs (gross motor movements).

Fine Motor Control

Fine motor movements are made by our fingers and hands, and the muscles and tendons in our upper arms which coordinate and control them.

When children struggle with things that require small controlled and coordinated movements like using zips and buttons, tying shoe laces, handwriting, and picking up and applying pressure to small objects like Lego, they may benefit from a few fine motor control exercises, designed to build up strength in their upper arm and finger muscles. Here are a few activities you could try with your child to develop their fine motor skills.

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Hand Gym

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Gross Motor Control

Gross motor movements are those made by coordinating and controlling larger muscle groups, for example as we walk or run, using our leg muscles and as we stretch and move our arms.

Sometimes children can have difficulty coordinating and controlling these movements, and as a result may have difficulty maintaining their balance, being able to make coordinated and controlled movements whilst playing a sport, and show difficulty with hand-eye coordination. Exercises that practice these skills help to build muscle strength as well as develop better body awareness and coordination. Here are a few activities you could try with your child to develop their gross motor skills.

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