The School Day

The School Day
The school operates a 'Soft Start' approach to the beginning of each school day.
Children are welcome to go directly into their classrooms when they arrive, from 08:45, where their teacher is available to supervise and support them.
Children who choose not to go into class are able to stay outside, on the playgrounds, until the whistle blows at 08:55, when they must go into class. Staff are on duty on each playground until 08:55 but parents/carers are encouraged to remain on site until their child goes into class.

08.45am      School gates open.

08.55am      Whistle is blown - all children must go immediately to their classrooms.


09.05am      Registers close.


10.50am      Morning playtime (15 mins).


12.15pm      Lunchtime (1 hour).


3.15pm        School day ends.


All pedestrian entrances to the St Luke's CofE Primary School are locked between 09.00am and 3:00pm.  During this time, access is by the school office via the main entrance only.

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