Our Vision

Here at St Luke’s, we have worked with parents, children, Staff, St Luke’s Church and Governors to develop our own set of core values. We use these values below to guide the way we talk to children and each other and to guide us in everything we do.

During each half term, we focus on two of the values through class work as well as in whole school assemblies so ensuring that all the values are covered in the course of a year.

We want all our children to:

  • Develop lively enquiring minds and enjoy learning;
  • Have high self esteem and learn from their successes and mistakes;
  • Work with independence, be experimental and develop a ‘have a go’ mentality;
  • Be individuals;
  • Be good communicators and listeners;
  • Develop respect for religious and moral values, and have an understanding of different cultures and attitudes;
  • Value and care for others and their environment;
  • Be self-disciplined and courteous;
  • Be successful;
  • Have their achievements celebrated;
  • Feel safe;
  • Become good citizens and positive contributors to the community.

We want all our staff to:

  • Fuel an appetite for learning;
  • Continue raising our standards of teaching and learning;
  • Share their ideas;
  • Develop professionally;
  • Feel valued and supported;
  • Promote pupils’ well-being;
  • Celebrate their own diversity of backgrounds and experiences with the pupils;
  • Be proud of the caring, purposeful environment they create in school;
  • Have job satisfaction;
  • Enjoy a healthy work-life balance.​

We want all our parents to:

  • Feel welcomed in school;
  • Work in partnership with teachers;
  • Be well-informed about the school and their child’s achievements;
  • Come in and share their expertise and experiences as part of the curriculum.

We want our governors to:

  • Work as friends and partners of the school;
  • Know the school and staff well;
  • Offer constructive advice;
  • Promote the school in the wider community.

We want the wider community to:

  • Develop good relations with our school;
  • Broaden our horizons.