Year 1 - Willow Class

What does Beegu think of life on planet Earth?

Our learning this term has been based around the book ‘Beegu’. The topic was launched by the children finding a mysterious space crash! They used their detective skills to look at the clues and make predictions about what could have happened.


Each day in English, the children have enjoyed discussing, predicting and making inferences about the text. Everyone was very proud of their story maps and enjoyed sequencing the events of the story.


In art, the class have looked at Monet’s ‘cityscapes’ and produced their own Beegu ‘cityscape’ picture. We learnt about primary colours and how to create secondary colours with watercolours. The children then used their new colour mixing skills to create a sunset wash with powder paint.


Willow class have been amazing scientists this term exploring materials and their properties. The class have conducted experiments to test which material would make the best warm coat for Beegu and which material would make the best waterproof umbrella. The children all performed a ‘fair test’ and are able to use scientific vocabulary such as opaque, transparent and absorbent. We even recorded our data and wrote up our results like real scientists!


The class have been working hard revising Phase 3 sounds and have enjoyed spotting graphemes in nonsense words which we have renamed ‘Beegu words’!

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